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The first stage is to arrange a free initial telephone consultation to talk through the process. 


When you are ready, we can arrange a confidential individual assessment meeting (or MIAM) which is charged at £120 per person. This includes the cost of the Mediator's Certifcate should you need it.

Mediating arrangements for children operates on a fixed fee of £250 per person per session. We can apply for a Mediation Voucher to help with the costs of these sessions.

Outcome statements cost £100 per person and Parenting Plans costs £200 per person - the voucher scheme does not cover the costs of these documents. 

Mediating the financial implications of separation is charged at £150 per person per hour for time spent in the sessions but also for work carried out around the sessions including drafting the documents.

Legal aid: The threshold for legal aid is different for mediation rather than legal services and you can find  out more here.

Mediation voucher scheme

The Ministry of Justice have launched a voucher system for families to access mediation to resolve arrangements in relation to their children. Each family can apply for up to £500 worth of mediation vouchers. Explore Mediation can access these vouchers on your behalf with your consent, and we can discuss details of that in the individual assessment meetings. The vouchers do not cover the assessment meetings or documentation but would go towards the cost of mediation sessions.

Find out more about the Family Mediation Voucher Scheme.

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