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How we work

Initial consultation - the first step is a telephone conversation to discuss the process and how it works. When you are ready we can arrange your confidential individual assessment meeting (or MIAM) which will take place online - via zoom. You will be sent a link to join the meeting.

Inviting your former partner - once you have met with your mediator, they will invite your former partner to have their own confidential individual assessment meeting with the same mediator, again this will take place online.

Mediation sessions - If you are both willing to proceed, and the mediator has assessed mediation as a suitable option in your circumstances, we will arrange the first meeting. Most sessions take place online, although we can arrange office space in Harpenden or St Albans if you would prefer to meet in person.

Each session normally lasts around 90 minutes and there will be a follow-up email to confirm next steps.

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